We’ve been Back O’Bourke!!


Bourke is the gateway to the Outback and back of Bourke is the Outback – also slang for a very long way away; a remote inland area a great distance from the speaker; the middle of nowhere !!

We’ve arrived in Bourke and stayed at the Kidman’s Camp ($30 per night for unpowered site)… two swimming pools which I enjoyed both days we stayed there!! We also met a few interesting caravan travellers who gave us a multitude of tips on our next travels!!

Sunrise over the Darling River!!

The next day, we visited Gundabooka National Park, located in northwest NSW, approximately 50km southwest of Bourke and 110km northwest of Cobar. The 63,903ha national park extends from the Darling river banks to the Gunderbooka range. Vast stretches of grassy woodlands, open plains and rust-coloured rock dominate the landscape (from National Parks).

On our way to the Gundabooka, bright red soil… I think we are definitely in the Outback!!

We’ve seen a few of these on our travels but by the time we stop, they would run away!! This little fellow ran across the road, but was a bit slow… must have been the heat (NOT!! :)). This lizard is called Central Bearded Dragon and are such a cutie!!

The Gunderbooka range is highly significant to the Ngemba and Kurnu Baakandji people of western NSW. Ceremonial events were held within the range. On our visit, we saw Aboriginal rock art, with motifs including dancers and animals.

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Anthony thinks this rock art to be representing ancient aboriginal fish traps – You can usually see them in Brewarrina but due to the Darling River being in flood, they were underwater when we visited :(.

Very interesting and well preserved aboriginal rock art!!

Dancing family and emu.

Beautiful wild flower!!

A pair of Pink cockatoos.

Not great pic, but we’ve seen heaps of wild emus… but they are quite shy, hard to take a descent pic!!

Contrast – red soil and wild yellow flowers!! Outback colours are mind blogging!!

The Darling River!! So full that trees were in the river!!

Amazing how trees and its roots twist themselves in arid weather!!

Yanda Campground – where we stopped for lunch…

Many willie wagtails seem to have taken advantage of the picnic area for nesting – great clay home!! 🙂

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