Pooncarie, detour to Mungo National Park and then, our final destination in the ‘Darling River Run’, Wentworth!!


From Broken Hill, we passed through Menindee once more to join the Darling River again, so we could continue downstream to our next stop….. Pooncarie. Fortunately the temperature had dropped for the trip giving us a temporary reprieve from the heat…

Pooncarie is a tiny village, comprising of just 40 inhabitants living in town with a further 40 living in the surrounding area. The community is also home to an awesome “multipurpose park”. Combining a sporting oval, toilets, showers and picnic and camping spots on the banks of the Darling River for use by visitors to town.

Sunset in Pooncarie

After getting the tent up, we had a shower ($1 for 5 minutes of hot water – pressure was on or cold shower!). Due to strong winds, we then decided it was easier to eat out instead of battling winds to keep our stove alight!! So off we headed across the local golf course toward the pub for dinner…


Pooncarie Hotel facade

Arriving at the Pooncarie Hotel we had some cold beers, delicious pizza and the opportunity to meet and greet the locals! We also paid our $10 camping fee at the pub to cover our stay in the multi-purpose park.

Sheep land mower

Just couldn’t resist… creative advert on the hotel noticeboard to sell sheep!! Oh dear…

Before completing ‘The Run’, we deviated again for another must see side trip – This time Mungo National Park

Mungo National Park directory

The park has great structure, allowing for some awesome hiking and also, a 70km self-driven route to enjoy and learn Mungo’s history…

Million flies on Anthony's backpack!!

On the 7km Pastoral Heritage hike… Anthony’s backpack with extra weight (a million flies can’t be wrong… if they love it, so do we!!) 😉


Mungo Woolshed

The historic Mungo Woolshed and sheep yards… stunning!!



Our final destination on the ‘Darling River Run’… Wentworth, where the Darling joins the Murray River!!

Arriving at Wentworth!

Behind us is the Darling river but the Murray was also in flood upon our arrival, so water from the Murray River was being pushed up the Darling…