On our way to the Victorian High Country…


I must say that is seemed we were a bit lost after the ‘Darling River Run’… where exactly should we go next??

We’ve enjoyed so much staying at Trilby Station that before hitting the highlands, we headed north with the intention of staying overnight at Paika Station…

We slept at Baranald instead…, small town home to the endangered <a href="http://www.environment click for” target=”_blank”>Southern Bell Frog. To raise awareness of the frog’s plight they have made the frog the official mascot of the town…so we got ourselves a pet mascot frog for the car dashboard… 😉

Leaving town we decided that we wanted to better get to know the Victorian High Lands and of course, go to Wilson’s Promotory -The Southern most point of mainland Australia. But Victoria also seems to be home to awesome breweries with every town seeming to have their own brewery making fresh local refreshments. So our trip might also become known in time as the ‘Victorian Brewery Run’…

Leaving NSW again for Victoria out next stop was in Echuca… Our caravan park was located on the edge of town and was quite full with visitors… we found afterward there was charity event with people kyaking down the Murray River to raise money…

On our way to our next stop, we passed by Glenrowan, where the notorious Australian Bushranger Ned Kelly was finally caught by police in 1880!!

Our next stop: Bright – on the edge of the Victorian High Country!!

Our time line around Bright – this will should help understanding the pictures below :):

1. One night in Bright (had to leave as Caravan Park was booked out due to ‘Spartans Race’) >

2. Three nights in the Buckland State Forest (Tune up and repairing hail damage to the car) >

3. Another two nights in Bright (for work and chores) >

Then four nights in Mt Buffalo National Park (The most amazing National Park, will have a post of its own!!)

1. Bright seems to live off skiing in Winter and outdoor sports in other seasons. We again arrived on the eve of a big event, the town was overrun with ‘Spartans’, ith a huge Spartan race taking place over the coming weekend!! Then a huge cross country cycling competition the following weekend… a lot seems to happen all the time in this town!!

2. Due to the coming Spartan Race in town, we decided heading to the bush… Buckland Valley State Forest!! Free camping and opportunity to chill and enjoy nature!!

3. We are back in Bright for a couple more days!! More laundry, chores and further exploring to do around the town!!

Okay… it was difficult leaving Bright (love this town!!), but we to visit Mt Buffalo – around 40 minutes away from Bright… But we were not disappointed!