Mansfield – Mt. Sterling and Mt. Buller

After leaving Mt Buffalo National Park and restocking with supplies from the nearby township of Bright, we headed back through the Buckland Valley and turned onto the Goldie Spur Track. The track is very narrow and steep in places while looping around the Southern side of Mount Buffalo offering fantastic views of Mt Buffalo and the surrounding area.

The track finishes up in the vicinity of Lake Buffalo, so we headed upstream and camped the night at a nice free campground named “Tea Tree” on the banks of the Buffalo River.

Lifting camp the next morning, we headed toward Cheshunt along the Rose River Track. 10km away from our destination we took a slight detour back into the Alpine National Park to visit “Paradise Falls”. Depending on the time of year, water cascades over a huge cliff overhang into pool below. Peregrine Falcons also frequently nest in the cliffs around the falls and call the area home.


As we arrived in Mansfield, I’ve asked at the Information Centre the difference between Mt. Buller and Mt. Sterling…

Mt. Buller has an Alpine Resort with skiing and snowboarding being the main attraction;

Mt. Sterling is less developed and attracts on cross country skiers to its rugged slopes… Once visiting both, we understood why…

Mansfield, Mt Sterling 4wd map with our route highlighted

Our 4WD – highlighted in green, circuit done on day 1; highlighted in yellow, circuit done on day 3

First day in Mansfield was raining and windy… we decided to take the Monster Truck for a spin.. from Mansfield, we turned off in Merrijig on Howqua Track, leading us towards Sheepyard Flat!!

At Sheepyard Flat, we took Brock’s Road before joining the Bluff Link Track which lead us around the mountain tops. Before finally joining Circuit Road that circumnavigates Mount Sterling, allowing us to return to Mansfield.

On day two, the weather cleared and we headed up to Mt. Buller…

On day three, we again go 4WDing around Mt Sterling. Touring the high country huts of the area, before heading into one of the valleys to camp a few days beside the King River.

Whilst in Mansfield we realised that our cars registration would expire within 2 months 🙁 So we decided to have a break from our trip and head to Albury (NSW border with VIC) to deal with the formalities of getting a pink slip for the car. So it wouldn’t interfere with our trip later on. As we were due to be heading further away from NSW.