Omeo Highway and Mt Selma

After our short trip back to NSW to renew the cars registration we decided to do the top east side of Victorian High Country and leave the southern part of the mountains to when we returned from Tasmania in the new year… First stop was Beechworth, a small historical town in the North East of Victoria. The town has since reinvented itself a tourist destination and is home to the Bridge Road Brewery. Since we had been drinking their beer in most of the other towns in the region we figured it would be rude not to stop by.

After a week in Beechworth, taking in the local sites (and local cherries), we headed east towards south via Omeo Highway, one of the oldest in Victoria and funnily enough, upgraded to asphalt just a couple of years ago!!  

We stopped at Laurel Hotel in for a beer and lunch before continuing south to Lightning Creek (suggested by the mechanic that did our pink slip back in Albury), stopping at all possible campsites along the way – searching for the best!! 😉 Lightning Creek seemed to be the most popular and already had a few caravans so we decided on back tracking and staying at “The Walnuts” campground… and I must say, it was the best possible decision we’ve made!! Right on Snowy Creek, the campsite offers shaded sites with awesome waterfront views for free!

Anthony has to work remotely on Wednesdays so we headed early to Tawonga, next to Mount Beauty… Unfortunately, we booked the motel in advance and all our GPS devices wanted us to make a 150km trip around the mountains to our destination 🙁 . After some research on our collection of old fashioned paper maps in the car, we found a track that ran directly over the mountain range to our destination. There was just one catch! The map showed the path as an unnamed track, we had no indication on what condition the track would be in. Failure would mean that we would have to back track, costing the time wasted plus the time to cover the 150km. Fortunately, after deciding to take the gamble, we found out that “Trappers Gap Rd” was pretty good. A couple of tree limbs had to be removed from the track but the commute was only 40km! On Thursday, we left the comfort of the hotel early to go in search of a quiet place to spend Christmas… we passed up over the mountain range through the ski resort of Falls Creek.

Our circuit map

Our circuit map… up and down winding roads!! Felt super dizzy after so many tight curves!!! 🙁


Then, down into the valley on the other side for a beer stop at Blue Duck Hotel – Anglers Rest. After sorting out the thirst, we checked out most campsites (and by mistake, some impassable logging tracks), and we ended up back at The Walnuts and luckily our old spot was still available!! YEAY!!

Four days away from our ferry trip to Tasmania we left our lovely campsite and started slowly heading towards Melbourne…

We spent a couple of days in Warburton Caravan Park… just killing time before heading to Melbourne for the ferry.  

New Years Eve we left Warburton to Healesville (town on outskirts of Melbourne) for an early night in a motel. Waking up at 3am, we headed into Melbourne to catch the Spirit of Tasmania on New Years Day!! Tassie for the first time ever!! Here we go!! 🙂