South-East Coast Tassie!!

The Central area of Tasmania was very beautiful but unfortunately our time in the Island State was starting to run short! So we needed to move on! Below was a rough plan of how we planned to travel around the South East Coast of Tasmania.

rough idea of our itinerary in the south east coast travels

First stop on the itinerary was Hobart, capital of Tasmania… 🙂

As a capital, it is quite similar to other bigger cities with a busy city centre and other suburbs spreading out along the Derwent river, overlooked by Mount Wellington.

We took a bus to the city as we didn’t know how difficult or expensive parking would be; wandered around a bit and shopped. Funny bus experience… not only do they still accept cash for a ticket on the bus (much easier as a tourist!) but also the buzzer is one of those old style ropes hanging over along the top of the bus and you have to pull for driver to stop! And when the bus stops, you have to push the back door open manually!! Luckily we saw others doing it and were able to not look like idiot tourists!!

Other passengers and bus driver were quite helpful and friendly, because despite trying to ‘blend in’, we did look like tourists (Guilty!! I was taking pics and wow’ing everything (embarrassing Anthony 😉 !!)

Our plan was to head South and see the sights before back tracking and making our way up the east coast. On our way out of Hobart, we stopped  to visit the historic Shot Tower, at Taroona

A bit further down the road, we came across the Margate train…

At Devil’s Brewery, David (the owner) brought to our attention that we were only 10 minutes away from the Bruny ferry.. so we change our plans of heading south straight away and instead, catch the ferry to Bruny Island!!

Back from our detour to Bruny island and back to original plan, we finally head south!! And we try going as south as we can drive/walk in Tasmania!!

After all that walking, we really needed a beer so we headed to Southport to stay in the Caravan park and have a beer (Cascade Draught) at the Southernmost pub in Australia.

As the weekend drew to a close it was back to Dover to experience some luxury while Anthony worked for a few days.

While exploring the Dover area we came across a track to Southport Lagoon. The beginning was sign posted that the track heading to the lagoon was rated “difficult” and only high clearance 4WD vehicles should proceed. The track was extremely rocky with some rutting in places but otherwise it was a relatively easy although bumpy slow trip to the lagoon in 2nd gear low range. The trip was well worth it though, the lagoon was pristine and deserted. Along with being full of fresh oysters!

From Dover, we then decide it is time for some diving, heading north to Eaglehawk Neck, entrance to the famous Port Arthur… but that will go on another post 😉