A Little Bit About Us And The Trip

“Who said we have to be in our teens or retired to go travelling?”

This was a question Anthony asked me when we were returning from his birthday long weekend diving trip…


I’ll keep it short and sweet…



I’m Camila, from Brazil… love diving, climbing and Nature









and this is Anthony, from Australia… love diving, beer and Nature!!






We dived with Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney, in same social dives without actually knowing each other – look at us!!…




564181_10150831096682022_1171241649_nWe met during an Easter long weekend trip to South West Rocks, but we were only friends – on FB



Since, we’ve dived occasionally, until….



I was browsing on FB and posted: “Checking fb and all I see on sidebar is … “You’ve been invited”, “Singles on fb”, “Zoosk”, “Real Single”, “”… are these signs that maybe I should be seriously considering online dating? Thoughts?”… Anthony replied I didn’t need online date and that we should get together (so smooth!)…   I guess FB is as good as any other online dating site, right??? 😉


1382266_577198558994588_626239310_n 10710891_642692699183459_4536108599485130171_n   10014582_10203620958108257_7749862146309750878_n












Long story short, we’ve been together since May 2013 and when celebrating Anthony’s birthday last year (April, 2015), he asked me the initial question: “Who said we have to be in our teens or retired to go travelling?”

The seed was planted and slowly we agreed that we don’t have to wait until we we get older to join the grey nomads crowd… we wanted to do it sooner rather than later.

We sold our cars (my cute Honda Jazz and his “vintage” TS Magna executive) and on a whim, bought “The Monster truck” (and we’ve got the roof top tent in the deal!!)!!